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Hooked on Honey!

Hooked on Honey!

Honey wax is amongst our most popular and is often the first wax that's used in school. Some professionals like to go a different way, while many like to stay close to what they know! Want to see our top-selling honey waxes?

Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax

All-natural wax formulated for safe hair removal even in the most delicate areas.

Honey Comb Strip Wax by Mancine

Containing high-quality “all-natural” ingredients with similar properties to Aloe Green. Can be spread very thinly. Odorless and very economical. Added resin in Honey Extra Strength Formula produces a superior grip to leave the skin feeling silky smooth. The microwavable plastic jar can also be used directly in wax warmers. Can be used with Pellon or muslin. The Mancine organic range of soft Strip Waxes has been developed to deliver outstanding results. These exclusive formulations depend on the
use of only the highest quality ingredients.

Miss Cire Oh Honey! Hard Wax Tablets

Oh Honey! "Strip-Less" Hard Wax is a low-temperature natural wax that has been formulated to a precise specification for all skin types and for all hair thickness. It has an excellent grip on the hair even the shortest ones and not to the skin, applies thick in even layers, has great elasticity, and does not crack at the time of removal. Strongly recommended for a flawless, economical, and effective depilatory service. Miss Cire Honey Wax reduces irritation, redness, pain, and client discomfort. Convenient for speed waxing and a time saver for busy waxers.

Miss Cire Natural Honey Roll-On

Miss Cire Natural Honey Roll-On Low-Temperature Strip Wax Roll-on Cartridges have been formulated to a precise specification and design combining the low-temperature application with high-quality ingredients. It's a high-performance formulation, removing hairs from the root, effective on all hair thickness, leaving the skin smooth and gentle.

Roll-on cartridges are ideal for large body areas such as legs, back, chest, arms, etc. They are easy to use, hygienic, drip-free, and disposable after use. Convenient for speed waxing and a time



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