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Presenting...The Smartest Salon Towel Ever Designed!

Presenting...The Smartest Salon Towel Ever Designed!

Why hasn't anyone thought of this yet? Hands down, the best towel ever made for a salon - the V-Cut Towel! Yes, I am a bit excited about this... Isn't is always the simplest designs that blow us away the most? Hair stylists everywhere, you can now style your client's hair without the towel being in the way!

A simple cut in the towel makes the towel lay flat around the client's neck - making your job easier, and keeping your client clean and comfortable! Check out the video below:

PS - Estheticians! The V-Cut Towel is the perfect facial towel too - wraps around the face quickly and easily, without extra bulk!

Check it out today!

V-Cut™ Towels - Black by Product Club


V-Cut™ Towels - White by Product Club




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