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A Little Light

A Little Light

I talk to a lot of nail technicians who are looking for the perfect light for their manicure table. It may seem like an easy task, but it's not as easy as it sounds!

We talked to our clients and have come up with the top 3 best sellers. Take a look!

Premium LED Table Lamp

This Premium LED Table Lamp features a timeless design that perfectly fits into any salon. The powerful, yet gentle on the eyes, 12W LED bulb reduces eye strain and glare while minimizing energy consumption. The adjustable hinge and swivel stem arm allow for optimal positioning of light. The sleek aluminum fixture with on/off switch will stay cool to the touch even after continuous use.

CE Certified. Conforms to BS EN safety standard.

EuroStyle Manicure Table Lamp

LED lamp that delivers the perfect amount of light for all services.


  • Bright and long-lasting with 43 bulbs.
  • Adjustable and easily moves sideways and up and down.
  • Light is 15 inches long and the lamp is 30 inches tall.

Slimline Manicure Lamp by The Daylight Company

Designed to look fantastic in any salon, this powerful LED table lamp will add value with its super high-quality slim brushed chrome design and powerful 4,300 Lux bright light at 6" from 80 ultra-bright daylight LEDs.

It provides 35" long arm reach and even wide coverage of light which is ideal for large work surfaces. The daylight technology also reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and allows true color correcting for color matching.



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