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Facelift in a Bottle

Facelift in a Bottle

Create instant results with the Lifting Complex Ampoule!

Ampoules produce immediate firming and lifting effects on the skin! They are often apparent after a single application. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and provides the skin a fresh, natural look and velvety feel.

Ampoules provide immediately noticeable results and offer versatility with any skincare line or treatment protocol. These sterile dosages of pure active ingredients feature a unique fluid carrier that provides quick penetration into the skin.

Ampoules are intended to be used in conjunction with freeze-dried collagen masks, peel away marine masques, massage fleece masks, or under a favorite moisturizer. Apply the first half under a mask and the other half before using massage cream.

Pro Tip: Applying an Ampoule of choice before a make-up application helps ensure makeup lasts longer through hours of photographs, dancing, and mingling. The active concentration of ingredient inside Ampoules are helpful in controlling sebum and makes the face looks less oily, with a young, fresh and lifted appearance.



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