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Update Your Spa's Look with the Siena Top!

Update your spa's look with new uniforms for Spring!The ever-classy and beautiful Noel Asmar has released her newest addition to her Spa Wear line -the Siena Top. With its flattering...

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She's Got Style, She's Got Grace....

Show off your spa's style with Noel Asmar Uniforms!It has been shown that wearing a uniform increases productivity, enhances teamwork, and provides wearers with a sense of pride. Why not...

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Resort Style Will Elevate Your Style!

First impressions are important, we all know that! How you and your staff present yourself says a lot about your business. What do your clothes say about you?Noel Asmar has...

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Upgrade Your Spa's Look!

Upgrade your spa's look with professional, affordable, and comfortable uniforms by Urbane!One of our favorites is the Women's Quick Cool Crossover Top! There’s no need to choose between functionality and...

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Show the Men Some Love with NEW Men's Uniform Tops from Noel Asmar!

We often feature our favorite Spa Uniforms for women, but what about the men that work in your spa....shouldn't they get some love too? Now they can, with these new...

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Why Customized Apparel is the Secret Ingredient for Your Business Success

Did you know Pure Spa Direct can not only help you with your business supplies, furniture, and equipment, but also with your customized needs as well?One of the most popular...

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