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April 18, 2024
Did You Say Jelly Masks?

Gelle Masks, also commonly called Jelly Masks, offer your clients a delightful facial experience. Gelle Masks contain more alginate than regular rubber masks, they have a jelly-like texture, and provide...

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Let's Get Dirty! Mud Treatments for Ultimate Hydration

Hydrating body treatments are always really popular, especially with dry Winter skin! Try getting your clients dirty, with mud, for ultimate hydration!European Rose Body MudThis deeply hydrating creme-based mud contains...

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Showerless Body Treatments

Body treatments are popular and profitable. I talk to a lot of clients who aren't offering them because of the mess. Did you know we have tons of options that...

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Veni Vidi Vichy!!

Treatments with the Vichy Shower simulated the feeling of floating on water, which many people find relaxing. the pulsating massage causes tired and sore muscles to relax. the Vichy Shower...

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Body Treatments without the Mess!

Are you looking to add body treatments to your menu, but don't have a shower? Not to worry - Pure Spa Direct offers a variety of Body Masks and Wraps...

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Warming Up for Fall

With the end of the summer and fall fast approaching, how are you gearing up for the change of seasons?Fall makes me think of being warm and cozy, and I...

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Heal the Body with this Gemstone Mask

A gemstone clay body mask sounds super luxurious, right? I love the idea of adding this product to your summer menu for a new menu idea.Gemstone Clay Body Mask by...

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Soothing Summer Body Treatment!

As we near the end of June, I've had quite a few conversations with clients gearing up for their summer menu options. Many have asked about body treatments for skin...

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Sweet Cinnamon Body Treatment---YUM!

Keeping with getting set for fall menu options, here is an exfoliating body wrap that is awesome for dry, dull skin. With cinnamon, honey powder and sucanat, this treatment this...

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