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July 18, 2024
The Facial Massage

Facial Massages aren't just for relaxation. Are you educating your clients about their importance?Benefits Include: relieves facial tension lifts facial muscles assist the flow of the lymphatic system reduce puffiness...

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Fabulous Facial Oil: CBD Style

It's not secret CBD is trending all over the industry. How are you incorporating CBD into your services? If you aren't, why not!? With all it's benefits, not only is...

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Facial Oil - The Winter Skin Saver!

Depending on your location, dry winter skin can be a concern for your clients. Do you have clients who suffer from dry, itchy, red or irritated skin from cold, wind...

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Exotic Oils for Facials...

Looking to freshen up your facials? Why not consider adding some exotic options! Besides looking and sounding interesting, these products offer some amazing benefits. The Exotic Oils: Pure Organic Argan...

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