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July 23, 2024
Harley Waxing UK: Where Savings and Smooth Skin Collide!

Calling all professional waxers!If you're in the market for top-quality waxes and some sweet freebies, look no further than Harley Waxing UK. We've got a fantastic offer that will keep...

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It's All Good!

This product takes the cake for best name ever! Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush - It's All Good Collection - Dr. Everything Will Be Alright. We sell a...

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How Do I Get the Polish Off?

We sell nail polish every single day. But how do you get that nail polish off? Lint-Free Nail Wipes of course! These were really moving last week. They also come...

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We Got Massage Oils!

Massage Oil is always popular at the warehouse, however, this week we sold a ton of La Palm Fragrance Free Massage Oils. I think our clients like the scent-free option....

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Trial and Sell

Clients are much more likely to make a purchase after receiving a demo! Consider using these fantastic, lash accessories in your premium lash treatments, and then offering them as a...

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If the glove fits... wear it!

Gloves! Everyone needs 'em and everyone uses 'em.. And we got 'em. Shipping out by the case load last week! The most popular was the Vinyl Powder Free Gloves... why?...

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