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July 13, 2024
GiGi Wax... Despite Many Brand Choices, Many Spas Can't Quit It!

In a world overflowing with waxing products, there is one brand that spa professionals continually return to: GiGi Wax. Despite the myriad of choices available today, GiGi has earned an...

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Back In Stock at Pure Spa Direct! ItalWax HAS ARRIVED!

The shortage of the year seems to be coming to an end! No, I am not talking about toilet paper or paper towels....not even about disinfectant spray, but...Never fear, ItalWax...

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Barbershops: When Waxing Meets Skincare

Gigi's Charcoal Detox Hard Wax is a must-have for any barbershop!Developed primarily for the face, this dual-purpose wax gently removes fine to coarse unwanted hair and unclogs pores for an...

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Hooked on Honey!

I've learned when it comes to wax preference, everybody is different. Honey Wax has an extra-strength formula that produces a superior grip, to leave the skin feeling silky-smooth.For large or...

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CBD Post Wax Oil, Great For Hydrating The Skin!

Over the last few years, CBD has emerged in the spa/salon/beauty community as a beneficial holistic ingredient. CBD treatments are showing up at spas around the country and many brands...

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Pellon versus Muslin: What You Don't Know May Be Hurting Clients

When helping clients place orders for waxing strips, the essential questions we always ask are, 'Pellon or Muslin?' and 'Non-woven or woven?' Unfortunately, so many hair removal technicians are not...

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Stress-Free Waxing With the New GiGi No Sting Wax!

If GiGi is your go to wax, then you and your clients will love their new No Sting Wax! This extraordinary wax was designed for your clients with the most...

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Chocolate Depilatory Wax - Just in Time for Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day is only 1 month away, so all of our clients are preparing for their themed services. Chocolate oils, lotions, creams, scrubs, polish and paraffins are aplenty, but what...

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