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June 16, 2024
Clipping Your Way to Luxury

Last week, the world was abuzz with excitement over the Hitaki 3-Pieces Nail Clipper Set. People were lining up for miles just to get their hands on these luxurious clippers....

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Color Pop!

Just added- Summa Robes & Towels... Keep your clientele feeling pampered with everything they need for a luxurious spa experience!What I love most about this new brand, is the fun...

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Luxurious Spa Experience!!!

Imagine booking a luxurious spa day for yourself, and when you arrived there, you are welcomed with a hot cup of tea and a nice warm neck wrap. Odds are,...

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Mani/Pedi Fit For A Queen!

While we're just at the beginning of March, Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Here is a great menu option to hydrate and tighten skin, while feeling luxurious!For this treatment, you'll...

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Pamper Your Clients with a Warm Honey Manicure!

I love seeing different and unique menu options in spas and salons. The staples obviously are great but having a few different options that clients won't expect is a great...

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Super Softening Foot Treatment

People's feet take a daily beating, no matter what industry you work in. Whether due to those fabulous high heels worn for work, or the constant running around between work,...

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Packaged Luxury.....Did Someone Say Caviar Mask??!

This Caviar Collagen Mask will revitalize, increase firmness and fill in those wrinkles your clients just want to see disappear! They will immediately notice those unwanted lines and wrinkles appearing...

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Dress Your Clients in Luxury with the Boca Terry Spa Collection!

From the consumer perspective, I think I can speak for everyone by saying that we all enjoy being pampered and getting dressing up in nice and comfortable clothing.As a service...

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