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July 24, 2024
O2 Facial: Breathing Youth Into Skin

Oxygen Facials have clients and estheticians alike praising the noticeable effects of these fresh-air facials. Results include visible plumping, toning, and youthful vigor. Our Oxygen Facial Units use 90% pure...

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Equipment Spotlight: 4 Function Skin Rejuvenator

Are you looking for something new to set your services apart and give amazing results?Take a look at the 4 Function Skin Rejuvenator- Red LED Oxygen Mask + Oxygen Jet...

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Add Oxygen Therapies to Your Menu for a HUGE Boost in Profit!

Offer your clients the best in Oxygen Therapy for 2016 with the Oxygen RX Skin Rejuvenation machine by Essai!This amazing unit combines OXYGEN HYDRO JET PEELING, PULSE OXYGEN THERAPY and...

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Oxygen Facial Equipment

A staple treatment in renowned spas, Oxygen Facials have clients and estheticians alike praising The Fresh Face of Oxygen Facials the noticeable affects of these fresh air facials. Results include...

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