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July 15, 2024
Steamy Sensation!

Last week, the Portable Mini Hot Towel Steamer by Fantasea became the unexpected star of the self-care world, leaving bath bombs and scented candles in its steamy wake. Who knew...

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Sparking a Facial Revolution

Last week, it was as if the entire town had undergone a facial frenzy, all thanks to the Anya Portable High-Frequency Unit. This nifty little device, resembling something straight out...

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Halo FX Mobile™: Your Portable Passport to Spa Serenity!

Calling all spa, salon, and wellness aficionados! Get ready to take your treatments to the next level with the Halo FX Mobile™ - the ultimate dry salt massage, facial, or...

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Small but Mighty: The Portable Mini Towel Steamer Redefining Luxury!

When it comes to providing the ultimate pampering experience, every detail matters. Whether you're needing to be mindful of space or provide mobile services, the Portable Mini Hot Towel Steamer...

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Take the Spa Experience Anywhere with a Portable Massage Chair!

Transform any area into a lucrative wellness space with the Stronglite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair!Experience ultimate comfort and support with its ergonomic design and multi-layer foam cushioning system,...

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Perfect For Small Spaces - Portable Mini Facial Steamers!

Being short on space can often be a stress point for many businesses. No one wants to sacrifice services due to limited space. An excellent option to solve this issue...

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Flexibility Meets Stability and Portability - Gemini Portable Lamp!

Short on space or on the go, you don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience! The Gemini Flexible Task Lamp by the Daylight Company weighs in at a tiny 5.3lbs...

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Folding Manicure Tables!

Whether you're short on space, a mobile nail tech or doing pop up events, maximizing space is vital! The Folding Manicure Table by Pibbs is a portable table with folding...

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Portable, Powerful & Efficient - DIR Capsule II Free Standing Hair Dryer Hood

The DIR Capsule II Free Standing Hair Dryer Hood was built with small to mid size busy salons in mind. Featuring an extra-large 8 FT Long Power Cord Electrical Specs:...

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