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July 18, 2024
Sugaring Made Even Easier With Nacach Sugar Paste System!

Whether you're already offering sugaring hair removal or looking to get started, Nacach Wax from Italy has you covered!Starting with their exclusive sugar paste heating system, designed to heat 800...

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Full Body Exfoliation At Home!

Soft, healthy, radiant skin is one of the few things that will never go out of style or not be sought after.Make it even easier for your clients to take...

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Waxing Can Be A Dream With No Scream Cream!

No Scream Cream eases the discomfort of waxing as much as 50-90%. No Scream Cream brings users a topical anesthetic that alleviates exhausting wax-related pain. This formula doesn't interfere with...

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Wax Wednesday 101, Brazilian Babe!

It is crucial to educate your clients to care for their skin before a wax to ensure a high-quality service. Wax prep we recommend our clients mention to their clients...

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Give a Better Wax with Prepped Skin!

From the best-selling ItalWax line comes their newest wax prep product - Lime Foaming Pre-Wax lotion! Pre Wax Foaming Lotion "Lime" easily removes traces of makeup from the skin, gently...

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A Waxers Must-Have

This new product is absolutely genius! Do you offer mobile services or are you looking for something convenient? Take a look at Satin Smooth's newest product!Satin Smooth Pre-Depilatory Skin Preparation...

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Prepare and Protect with the Cirépil Pre-Depilatory Oil

Recently, I decided to take the plunge and have my upper and lower legs completely waxed. On a scale of 1-10, I would have to say the pain was along...

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