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July 21, 2024
Brushing in Style!

Last week witnessed a hair revolution as the Framar Strawberry Shortcake Triple Threat Brush Set took the beauty world by storm. Forget about brushes merely detangling hair – these brushes...

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Cupping Craze Takes Town by Storm!

Last week, the town was all abuzz about the RockPods Cupping Set – you know, those fancy suction cups that promise to give you the relaxed muscles of a sloth...

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Clipping Your Way to Luxury

Last week, the world was abuzz with excitement over the Hitaki 3-Pieces Nail Clipper Set. People were lining up for miles just to get their hands on these luxurious clippers....

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Back in Stock! And Ready to Ship!

Yes - that is correct!! The Deluxe Face And Body Brush Set / 8 Brushes by FANTASEA is back folks! I can see why these are so popular as it...

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Are Your Mask Brushes Ready For The Holidays? Stock up and Save Now!

Now that the Thanksgiving rush is over and the upcoming end of the year holidays are quickly approaching, how do your mask brushes look? With all of the hustle and...

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Posh Sposh!

I love the sheets from Sposh. In fact, I currently have them on my bed right now. The Sposh Microfiber Sheet Sets were a huge hit last week! Available if...

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You'll Want to Read This!

Have you ever seen a stone that stays cold all the time?! Well I have and now you can too! The 100% natural jade stone set is probably one of...

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Wedding Season Product Spotlight: Oval Paddle Makeup Brush Set

We've been getting a lot of calls from clients needing to stock up on their cosmetic supplies for upcoming weddings. Whether doing make up on the bride, bridal party or...

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Bowls & Spatulas

We've sold thousands of rubber mixing bowls over the years, however, last week the rubber bowls and spatula set really took off. Everybody likes a kit right!? Why? I have...

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