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July 13, 2024
Spotlight on: Starpil Hybrid Black Beads Film Wax - Stripless Hard Wax from Spain

Ready to elevate your waxing game? Meet Starpil's Hybrid Black Beads Film Wax, a revolutionary stripless hard wax hailing from sunny Spain. Designed to tackle even the most stubborn hairs,...

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What Are the Advantages of Italwax Full Body Hard Wax?

Discover the transformative benefits of Italwax Full Body Hard Wax for your spa or salon. As beauty industry professionals, the choice of waxing products is paramount to ensuring client satisfaction...

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Bulk Up Your Wax Game: Why Barber Shops Love Waxness Barbero

Transform Your Waxing Services with Waxness Waxness Waxness Waxness bulk quantities (22 lbs./10 kg.), it’s perfect for busy professional settings where high-quality, efficient products are needed in large quantities.Incorporating Waxness...

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The Coconut Craze: Why Estheticians Are Going 'Coco-nuts' Over Deo's Wax Beads!

Deo's Coconut Pellet Wax Beads are a unique fusion of nature's bounty and cutting-edge innovation. This distinctive hot wax formulation offers a seamless blend of tropical goodness and state-of-the-art technology,...

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Irresistibly Smooth: The Benefits of Lycon SoBerry Delicious Hot Wax

To build repeat clients in your waxing business, and provide your clients with the best waxing experience possible, using high-quality, effective wax is ultimate. LyconSoBerry Delicious Hot Wax is a...

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Wax Spotlight: Coconut Hard Wax by Dermwax

Dermwax Coconut Hard Wax is available in a 60-pound bulk bag! If you are looking for an affordable, bulk hard wax, that is effective on medium and coarse hair, check...

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Honey Wax is all the Buzz...

Honey Hard Wax!Oh Honey by Miss Cire is getting rave reviews!This stripless Hard Wax is a low-temperature wax formula that has been refined to precise specifications for all skin types...

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Hello Berodin Wax!

Let's give a warm welcome to the newest wax in the Pure Spa family - Berodin Wax! Super popular last week and even more fun was looking at all the...

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DermWax from France now at

We recently added DermWax - A Full Line of Depilatory Waxing Products. DermWax is made in France from the highest quality ingredients. The line includes strip wax and stripless hard...

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