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April 12, 2024
Ess Oils: Unlocking the Secrets for Your Spa and Salon Success!

Discover the transformative power of essential oils in enhancing the spa and salon experience. These potent essences, distilled from the very heart of nature, offer an array of benefits that...

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Aromatherapy Meets Silence: The Meishida Vapozone Facial Steamer Experience!

Are noisy steamers putting a damper on your zen vibes at the spa? Say goodbye to disruptive clicking, dinging, or beeping and hello to the Meishida Vapozone Digital Ozone Steamer!...

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Unbottle Memories & Moods: The Essential Oils Display Every Spa Needs!

Every spa and salon professional knows that creating the perfect ambiance goes beyond visuals and tactile sensations. The scents wafting through the air play an equally essential role in shaping...

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Feet on Fire: The Shipping Frenzy of the Foot Spa Foot Mask

Last week, the Foot Spa Foot Mask with Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oil was shipping like a running cheetah on steroids! We could barely keep up with the demand. Our customers...

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Perfect For Small Spaces - Portable Mini Facial Steamers!

Being short on space can often be a stress point for many businesses. No one wants to sacrifice services due to limited space. An excellent option to solve this issue...

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Steamy Savings On The Saskia Steamer!

Steamers are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment, with many to choose from! If you're looking to replace and old or bring in a new steamer, the...

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Finicky Retail Clients? Organic Fiji's Mix & Match Scents To The Rescue!

If your clients love choices or trying new scents, Organic Fiji has you covered! Their retail skincare bundles give you plenty of options to choose from!Organic Fiji specializes in crafting...

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Say Goodbye To Essential Oil!

Say hello to Scent Diffusion by Aroma360! Scent is the strongest of the five senses tied to memory and emotion. By playing an essential role in influencing perceptions and creating...

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Ess Essential Oils for Relaxation

Essential oils are the concentrated extracts from plant material of a single named botanical species. Essential oil properties are used to assist the body's own natural healing processes and enhance...

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