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June 19, 2024
Apricots, Lavender, and Tea-Tree, Oh My! LYCON's Pre- and Post-Waxing Wonders!

Are you looking for the ultimate in pre and post-waxing products to provide your clients with a top-tier waxing experience? Look no further than LYCON, the trusted name in professional...

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Lavender Dreams: A Week of Unbridled Adoration for Lycon LycoJet Wax

Last week, our clients unleashed their inner smoothness enthusiasts and swept through our inventory of "Lycon LycoJet Lavender Wax Stripless Hard Wax" like a tornado through a hair salon. It...

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Sculpt Perfect Brows with Lycon LycoJet Eyebrow Wax

Achieve flawless and precisely sculpted eyebrows with Lycon LycoJet Eyebrow Wax by Lycon Cosmetics. This specialty wax is designed specifically for eyebrow shaping, offering a world-first innovation that delivers exceptional...

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Waxing Wonder: Lavender Hard Wax Flies Off Shelves

We crushed it last week at Pure Spa Direct by shipping out a ton of our Lycon LycoJet Lavender Wax Stripless Hard Wax. Our customers couldn't get enough of it,...

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The Importance of Post-Wax Treatments: Achieve Glowing Skin with ItalWax

Using a high-quality post-wax product is an important step in delivering professional, high-quality waxing services and promoting healthy, glowing skin for your clients. Finishing every service with your choice of...

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Wax Spotlight: Lycon Rosette Magic

Lycon is formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax, and aromatherapy from natural plant oils. The wax is low temperature, super pliable, and gentle. It's recommended and popular for even...

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Wax Spotlight: Lycotec

Lycon is imported from Australia and is one of our best-selling wax brands! Lycon is formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax, and aromatherapy from natural plant oils. The wax...

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Bikini Line Lightening

Hyperpigmentation in the bikini area is a huge concern and we receive tons of inquiries on products/services to help with that!Whether you are offering vajacials, add-on services, or retail products-...

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A Few of our Favorite Strip Waxes

Strip wax has become increasingly popular amongst waxers. Strip wax provides a speedy application with an extra-strong grip, no sticky residue, and no skin drag. It is applied by spreading...

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