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April 12, 2024
What Brushes Do Salons Use? Unraveling the Secrets for Perfect Styling

In the bustling world of beauty and styling, the right tools are paramount for achieving the perfect look. Among these, hair brushes hold a special place in the arsenal of...

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What is the Apple Smelling Perm? Discover the Aromatic Transformation in Hair Styling

In the ever-evolving world of hair care and styling, one trend that has captured the attention of beauty professionals and clients alike is the Apple Smelling Perm. This innovative hair...

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What is the Best Way to Take Care of Blonde Hair?

Blonde hair, whether natural or achieved through coloring, has unique needs that require special attention. From maintaining its vibrant tone to ensuring it stays healthy and strong, taking care of...

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Is a Processing Cap the Same as a Shower Cap?

Understanding the difference between a processing cap and a shower cap is crucial for both salon professionals and beauty enthusiasts. While they may appear similar at first glance, their purposes...

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Shine On, Super Stylist! Aquage's Color Protecting Conditioner Lights Up Your Clients' Lives!

Vibrant hair should be celebrated, and the salons and spas in mind, this miracle-worker is more than just a conditioner – it's a color guardian angel for your clients' tresses!This...

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Hello New Year, Goodbye Dandruff!

If you have clients with goals of saying goodbye to dandruff in 2023, American Crew has a American Crew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo addresses two of the top issues with men's scalp...

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To Tangled Free Hair And Beyond!!!

Tangled, knotted, and/or matted hair can be a painful issue for both children and adults. It can take a little extra work and creativity to help kids tackle those tresses....

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Teleties Holiday Collection - Perfect For Retail!

Looking for a fun, easy point of sale retail product? The Teleties Holiday Collection has you covered!Teleties are a strong grip, no rip bracelet. Available in a variety of colors...

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Summer Scalp Treatment!

Many people tend to forget about their scalp/top of the head when it comes to summer sun care. Here is a great treatment for clients who may be dealing with...

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