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June 14, 2024
What is a Dappen Dish or Dappen Jar?

In the world of spa and salon services, some tools might sound like they belong in a kitchen rather than a treatment room. Take, for example, the humble Dappen Dish...

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What is the Significance of the Barber Pole?

The barber pole, a symbol recognized around the world, carries with it a rich history that spans centuries and cultures. This iconic emblem, often seen spinning outside barber shops, has...

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DIR Barber Chair Vanquish - Fusing Classic Barbershop Values with Modern Design!

In the ever-evolving world of barbershops, it's important to strike a balance between preserving the classic values that have made the profession iconic and incorporating modern design elements to meet...

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Cut Above the Rest: BaBylissPRO® LO-PROFX High Performance Low Profile Clipper

As a professional hairstylist, you know that the right tools can make all the difference in achieving the perfect haircut for your clients. That's where the LO-PROFX Clippers from BaBylissPRO...

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Transform Your Salon Space: The Power of a Perfectly Organized Hair Color Collection

Gone are the days of searching through piles of hair color tubes for the perfect shade or dealing with tubes spilling out and making a mess. Color cubbies with dividers...

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I Love Gold!

So I got my monthly haircut last week and I wish my barber had one of these: BaBylissPRO GOLDFX Cord/Cordless Clipper! You really got to see this clipper in person...

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NFL Capes Just in Time for Football Season....

Let's get ready for some FOOTBALL with officially licensed NFL Salon Capes! The Pure Spa Direct team in NY is BIG MAD that there isn't a Giants or a Jets...

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Meet Your New Favorite Backwash - DIR Yume Dreaming

The DIR Shampoo Backwash Unit Yume Dreaming combines quality performance with sheer comfort and luxury in mind, at a price point businesses love!The Shampoo Backwash Unit Yume Dreaming with its...

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The Ultimate Finishing Tool - Wahl 5 Star Finale Shaver

More than just a shaver, the Wahl 5 Star Finale is the ultimate finishing tool! The Finale is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can keep the rotary motor running...

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