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July 16, 2024
Pillow Talk: The Hottest Trend in Neck Comfort!

Last week, the Theratools CBD Hemp-Filled Heated Neck Pillow became the unofficial mascot of relaxation, creating a cult following among those in the pursuit of the comfiest zen zone. It...

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Waxing Bliss: The CBD-infused Beauty Craze

Last week, the GiGi All-Purpose CBD Soft Wax became the talk of the town, causing beauty enthusiasts to abandon their usual waxing routines and flock to salons like bees to...

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Beware Hair!

Last week, the GiGi All-Purpose CBD Soft Wax took the beauty world by storm, and let's just say it had people buzzing... or should I say waxing poetic? With its...

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Looking for a Natural, Safe Waxing Option?

Then you came to the right place! GiGi All Purpose CBD Soft Wax / 14 oz. was a huge success last week! CBD is/was the rage! Not too sure these...

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New Favorite Product Alert!

Looking for a great neck pillow? Well look no more - Theratools - CBD Hemp Filled Heated Neck Pillow was a huge success last week. You have to try this...

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Upgrades and Add-ons for Spring Nails

Spring has sprung, and it's the time when your business is about to pick up! Boost your revenue by offering some simple upgrades!Offer a CBD add-on with Voesh's Collagen gloves...

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Holiday Gifts: Salon Edition

We all know 2020 has been a difficult year. However, I have seen some positive things come out of the pandemic. Americans currently are looking to spend their money with...

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A Retail No-Brainer!

Check out these "Fizzie Fishbowls" that were just added to our site. They are phenomenal retail for Point of Purchase!Fizzies by Dani Mini Fizzies +CBD Assorted FishbowlUnwind in a relaxing...

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The BEST Pedicure Scrubs

Lately, I've had a lot of inquiries for new pedicure scrubs. Either the brand they used previously is no longer being made, or they're just in the market for something...

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