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June 21, 2024
Dont' Blink or You'll Miss It!

Last week, the Aqua Collagen Eye Pads experienced a popularity surge that rivaled the excitement of a cat discovering a laser pointer. Beauty enthusiasts were snatching them up faster than...

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Micro Needle Roller Therapy: The Natural Alternative to Aggressive Skin Treatments!

Are you looking for a revolutionary and non-invasive way to rejuvenate your clients' skin, without breaking the bank? If so, you may want to consider incorporating the Micro Needle Roller...

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Get Those Lips Mistletoe Ready With Age Defying Lip Masks!

While everyone is abuzz with all things pumpkin, don't miss this awesome sale that the end of the year you will thank you for! The Pink Crystal Collagen Age Defying...

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Oh Sheet! Check out this mask!

Are you looking for a great sheet mask?! This shipping guy has got you! We sold these by the dozens last week - Dry Collagen - Full Face Sheet Mask...

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LED Treatments: Trending for 2022!

Just in time to end the year strong, use up end of quarter budgets and have your clients looking their best heading into 2023 - the Multiwave LED Light Therapy...

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Reveal Clients Best Skin With Reveel Professional Collagen Masks!

Reveal Clients Best Skin With brightening, smoothing, along with a smoothing one or save with a Reveel skincare is 100% made in Germany. Reveel by MedSkin Solutions has put more...

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Tired Of The Same Retail Products?

If you've noticed a drop in retail sales or have client's looking for something different, the Micro-Current + Vibration Mini "Eye Lift" from Meishida may shake things up for you!Using...

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Hydrate, Balance & Glow!

Tis the season to get skin ready to glow as the weather starts to warm up. The Prosana Pore Refining Crystal Collagen Gel Mask is an easy to use, single...

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Valentine's Day Lips!

Pink Crystal Collagen Age Defying Lip Masks - Concentrated Lip Mask Treatment with Nourishing Collagen & Glycerin to Hydrate and Plump Lips / Case of 30 Lip Masks - big...

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