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April 18, 2024
Let Your Hair Do the Talking!

That is just one of many clever captions on these awesome Shop Talk Cutting Capes! When these capes came into the warehouse I had to show everyone. The pictures on...

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Who Needs A Cut?

Hot item alert! The LUXOR Deluxe Weighted Cutting Collar was a huge seller last week. With barbershops and salons back open, it's no wonder. I should probably take my wife's...

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Spice Up Your Apron Selection

We ship a ton of aprons every day here at the Pure Spa warehouse, however, last week BeautyLove aprons were super popular. These aprons are definitely sexy! My favorite is...

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Kiddie Capes to the Rescue

Not all your clients are the same shape and size, and while you can’t always accommodate everyone, the kiddies shouldn't always be the ones left out! Pure Spa Direct has...

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