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April 17, 2024
Unleash the Power of Versatility with Multi-Use Soft Cloths!

From the best selling Spa Essentials line comes Soft Cloths - the all-in-one solution for wellness professionals. Crafted from a luxurious blend of rayon and polyester, these cloths offer softness...

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More Disposables!

I know I promised I wouldn't blog about disposables, but if it's selling then I must! SPA ESSENTIALS® Small Disposable Washcloths / 50 Pack - was a hot ticket item...

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Need Disposable Headbands?

I know my last blog was about disposables so I promise my next one won't be! However, if products are HOT I feel compelled to let my readers know! Non-Woven...

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Disposable Pedi-Slippers in Bulk

Pedi-slippers are always a hot item at the PSD warehouse. Disposable Pedicure Slippers - Fold Type - Not Folded Yet / Case of 360 Pairs was the winner last week!...

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Hats off to the Facial Cap!

Looking for disposable facial caps - look no more! We have a ton at the Pure Spa Direct warehouse and shipped a ton last week! The INTRINSICS Facial Caps /...

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Tired Of Bulky Hairstyling Capes?

Tired of storing and cleaning hairstyling Cricket Color Cocktail Disposable Hairstyling Capes!Cricket Disposable Hairstyling Capes provide extra large cape coverage (51 inches x 59 inches) and were created for professional...

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Tired Of Messy Wax Warmers ...Have You Tried Disposable Wax Warmer Inserts?

From students to the most careful & seasoned technicians, wax spills happen. Even with wax warmer. Forget about the extra time needed between clients or at the end of the...

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Yea - We Got Disposables!

Use it and chuck it! In the current climate of today, everyone is trying to be extra safe and sanitary. So why not bulk up on your disposable bras! The...

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Protect those Glasses!

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Take the Soft'nStyle - Disposable Eyeglass Sleeves for example. What a great idea! Glasses are expensive, but with a $0.50 item you...

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