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April 17, 2024
Giftable Glamour: Individually Wrapped Loofahs for Spa-Worthy Skin

Ready to take your retail game to the next level? Meet the spa-quality exfoliation extravaganza! This isn't just any loofah pads aren't just pampering essentials; they're your spa's secret weapon...

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All Washed Up

I am loving all the new body washes we have been adding! They make a great addition to your retail section.Mancine Body Wash is a sulfate-free and enriched with essential...

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Exfoliate Those Winter Blues Away

We've been talking a lot recently about dry, dull winter skin and helping your clients reveal their best skin this season. Aside from the awesome hydrating and nourishing treatments you're...

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Exfoliation - An Important Step in Your Facial and Body Services!

Exfoliation is an extremely important and very essential part of your facial services. Build up of dead skin cells will cause skin to look dry and dull and proper exfoliation...

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