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June 21, 2024
Upgrade Your Regular Massages With Vitamin Therapy!

An incredibly easy way to offer additional benefits to your clients while increasing your massage service profit, is by offering a simple 'upgrade' to the oil, lotion, cream or gel...

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Finicky Retail Clients? Organic Fiji's Mix & Match Scents To The Rescue!

If your clients love choices or trying new scents, Organic Fiji has you covered! Their retail skincare bundles give you plenty of options to choose from!Organic Fiji specializes in crafting...

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Retail Ready - The Potted Plant Watermelon Duo Bundle!

The Limited Edition Potted Plant Watermelon Duo bundle is a delicious pairing of body wash and lotion designed to keep skin soft, smoothed and refreshed this summer!The delicately sweet scent...

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Weekend Warrior Clients? Pura Wellness Arnica Lotion To The Rescue!

In many areas, the weather is just starting to warm up and more people getting outside. Every year around this time we hear more clients booking deep tissue massage, sports...

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Protect Your Face!

My one friend was famous for saying, "Yo, It's Summer son!". Well not quite yet, but it seems to be as this one particular sunscreen was on fire last week....

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Customize Services With Ease!

Customize your services with ease by simply bringing the BIOTONE® SPA Customizing Complex Pure Essential Oils & Extracts!You can create a personalized experience for your clients by simply adding a...

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Get it While it's Hot!

The Almond Hydrating Lotion / 33 oz. by CND was flying off the shelves last week! Whenever these lotions come in, they go out just as fast, so get yours...

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Triple Action!

Ingrown hairs and bumps after waxing? Not our clients! Ingrown(zone) Triple Action Post Depilatory Lotion - Pump / 250 mL / 8.4 oz. by Mancine Professional was a HOT seller...

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I Love Candles!

Everybody loves candles. They smell nice, can set the mood, and some even turn into lotions when melted. We ship A LOT of candles every day here at the Pure...

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