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July 19, 2024
Exfoliate and Elevate: The Artistry of Square Textured Cotton Pads

Say goodbye to mundane skincare routines and hello to a touch of luxury! These Textured Rectangular Cotton Pads are here to revolutionize the way you care for skin. Why settle...

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Pink Grapefruit Magic!

Last week, the BEAUTY TREATS Pink Grapefruit Make-Up Remover Cloths had everyone reaching for it like it was the last piece of cake at a birthday party. It became the...

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Nail Salons New Favorite Storage - Nail File Storage Organizer Holder

It's sometimes the seemingly small things that can make a big difference in your day to day flow. The Nail File Storage Organizer enables you to store and organize nail...

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One Product - Many Uses!

Looking for a versatile product for your spa or salon? Look no further - Pure Spa Direct has what you need - Cotton Naturelles! Good for cleaning anything, removing make...

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Protect Your Clients, Protect Your Profits

Looking for an easy way to protect clients clothing while applying makeup? These lightweight, disposable plastic capes have you covered - literally!At about $0.33 a piece, you can stock up,...

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Style Protection for Your Clients

Why spend all of that time and effort on that great hair style or carefully applied nail color, just to mess it up the moment your client walks out the...

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Practice Makes Perfect!

Check out the new Make-Up Practice Face from Celebrity. This professional quality, washable practice face is the ideal learning tool to perfect face painting basics, practice specific techniques, test new...

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Make Up Frenzy! Weddings and Proms, Oh My!

Hopefully you're almost all stocked up and ready to go for the Valentine's Day rush headed your way in a few weeks!Along with your clients wanting to have you do...

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Just In Time For Holiday Party Make up - Bulk Eye Shadow Applicators

We've already had many clients start to stock up on supplies for doing the clients make up for holiday parties. The newest addition to the Pure Spa Line up will...

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