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July 16, 2024
I Got Your Mixing Bowls Right Here!

Looking for mixing bowls, but don't want to use the boring brown or white ones? Of course you do - we sold A LOT of the Silicone Facial Mask Mixing...

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Add Some Sparkle to Your Nail Creations!

Revive any of your old color gels with our Nail Art Gel Mixer Tools! Makes it easy to mix up your color gels or use it to peel nail art...

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Bowls & Spatulas

We've sold thousands of rubber mixing bowls over the years, however, last week the rubber bowls and spatula set really took off. Everybody likes a kit right!? Why? I have...

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Rubber Mixing Bowls

I don't you know what you guys are using these for, but rubber mixing bowls were quite popular last week. All sizes and all colors were in and out of...

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Mix it up with Dappen Dishes!

Dappen Dishes were all the rage last week. We sold a cases of the clear ones, plastic ones, and green ones. The most popular, however, was the clear glass dappen...

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Crushingly Fun! Add Some Flair To Making Your Own Products

Creating your own products is always fun, whether it's a body scrub or mask. I've posted before on all of the amazing raw ingredients that Pure Spa Direct carries to...

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What a Super-Bowl!

I'm talking about rubber mixing bowls from Pure Spa Direct, of course. As a long time Jets fan I don't see the Superbowl anytime in my future. Anyways, these rubber...

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Bowl for the Cure

Pink Rubber Mixing Bowls are shipping out like CRAZY this week. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month so that might have something to do with it. Forget the brown, gray or...

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