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April 18, 2024
Pre-Wedding Facials

Wedding season has been back and is in full effect! These poor couples have been postponing their special day for over a year, because of the pandemic. While the weddings...

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For Tired Feet

Just added, at a perfect price, is this phenomenal collection for pedicures!Barefeet Clean Pedicure AstringentThis multi-purpose astringent is essential for a variety of professional beauty treatments. It helps cool, deodorizes,...

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The "Quarantine 15"

You've heard of the quarantine 15 right? Quarantine weight gain is real, and very common. Want to add a simple service to your menu that will help your clients firm...

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The Body Peel Treatment

Lately, I have been talking about body treatments with tons of clients! It looks like everyone is looking for something new and fresh to add to their menu.What's my pick?PourElle...

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Far Infared Therapy by Meishida

Looking to upgrade your body treatments, on a budget?Try the Meishida Far Infrared Slenderizing Sauna Blanket!Benefits: Remove toxins from the body Relieve muscle and joint pains Boost immune system function...

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