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June 14, 2024
Smooth Operator: Prosana Gommage Peel Dominates the Skincare Scene!

In a surprising turn of events, last week saw the Prosana Gommage Peel 16 oz take the beauty world by storm, proving that exfoliation is the new black. It became...

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Hydrate, Balance & Glow!

Tis the season to get skin ready to glow as the weather starts to warm up. The Prosana Pore Refining Crystal Collagen Gel Mask is an easy to use, single...

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Breaking Up With Breakouts!

For acne-prone skin, Disincrustation Lotion is a must-have! This well-loved product is new and improved! This unique formulation will feature acne-fighting plant extracts, such as witch hazel, sage, burdock root,...

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The Cool-est Masks!

A cooling mask is ideal to use after any treatment to calm and soothe the skin. Not only does it feel good, but it helps close the pored and tighten...

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Got Enzymes?

Enzymes are a superhero in skincare. They gently exfoliate and help diminish uneven skin tone and dark spots. Making them ideal for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin...

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Mask Spotlight: Sea Therapy

Prosana Seaweed Collagen MaskUsed for all skin types, especially effective for rosacea, and post-treatment skin. It hydrates, brightens, soothes, revitalizes, and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.This soothing seaweed mask...

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Wake up and Smell the Roses!

Rose is a beneficial skincare ingredient to all skin types!Rose Flower and Pedal Modeling MaskBrighten and moisturize skin with the Prosana Rose Flower and Petal Modeling Mask. The aromatic properties...

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Sea Therapy: Algae

Algae is a popular ingredient for skincare. It might not sound appealing to your clients, but if you are using it, you know it works!What does algae help with? Dry...

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Exfoliating with Enzymes

Exfoliating with enzymes are a great way to remove dead skin. Enzymes can stimulate cell turnover and give a brighter, smoother appearance. There is also the added benefit of better...

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