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July 15, 2024
You Need Massage Oil? I Got It!

Revitalizing Massage Oil - Unscented / 128 oz. by Biotone - big time seller last week! Everyone loves a great massage so why not elevate your game with this super...

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We Got 'Em - Hot Towel Cabis!

Is there anything better than a warm towel?! Well, maybe a cold beer, but that's not why you're here is it! Warm up your towels with our Medium Hot Towel...

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We've Got What You Need... Disposable Pedicure Kits are Hot!

It's the ProMaster Disposable Pedicure Kit - Sanitary & Ready To Use - Case of 200 Kits! Especially in the world of Covid having something disposable and sanitary rules! I...

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You'll Want to Read This!

Have you ever seen a stone that stays cold all the time?! Well I have and now you can too! The 100% natural jade stone set is probably one of...

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Change How You Drink Your Water!

Say hello to the coolest water bottle I've ever seen! VitaJuwel water bottles were a huge hit last week. It's no wonder with the awesome stones at the bottom of...

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Jade Stones for Glue?!

Jade Stones were super hot last week! Yes - I had to look it up as well! Apparently, the lightweight jade stones holds and prevents rapid drying of glue when...

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Dry Stone Warming Tray

Many massage therapists and spa professionals have been using naturally beautiful and effective Himalayan Salt stones in their treatments, but have found that traditional stone heaters require water to heat,...

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Want to Impress Your Friends?

Then get one of these VitaJuwel water bottles! They were moving fast last week at the warehouse. I just learned that the customer service team here at Pure Spa all...

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Hot Stone Treatment With A Twist

Are you interested in hot stone treatment but want to stand out from the crowd? Pure Spa Direct has you covered with non-traditional hot stone implements your clients will rave...

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