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April 13, 2024
Compact Elegance: The Oakworks Slimline Trolley Redefines Spa and Salon Storage

Step into the world of modern elegance with the Oakworks Slimline Trolley—a game-changer for spas, salons, and wellness centers. This sleek and compact trolley combines style, durability, and functionality, elevating...

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Maximize Your Space and Minimize Your Stress with This Spa Storage Cabinet

As a spa owner, you are constantly striving to provide your clients with the ultimate relaxation experience. From the moment they enter your doors to the moment they leave, you...

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Style, Storage and Sale! Salon Trolley With Lockable Doors by CELEBRITY

Space is always a hot commodity in business! No matter if you have 200 square feet or 20,000, the goal is to maximize space to effectively. The Salon Trolley With...

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A Lamp With Pockets?! - Space Organizer Lamp By OttLite!

Whether at the front desk, work space or back office, storage and organization is vital! With lots of pockets of various sizes, the OttLite 13w Space Organizer Lamp is perfect...

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Nail Salons New Favorite Storage - Nail File Storage Organizer Holder

It's sometimes the seemingly small things that can make a big difference in your day to day flow. The Nail File Storage Organizer enables you to store and organize nail...

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Folding Manicure Tables!

Whether you're short on space, a mobile nail tech or doing pop up events, maximizing space is vital! The Folding Manicure Table by Pibbs is a portable table with folding...

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Storage Solutions by Collins

Collins offers a line of Organizer Cabinets that have both the space you need and the high-end look! They are made to order, and are definitely worth the wait!Customizable Options:...

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Looking For A Great Storage Rack?!

Salon Hair Color Tube Storage Rack of course! New to the Pure Spa family, we sold dozens and dozens of these last week. I think they're super cool because it...

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Trolley Good Storage!

Need to maximize storage space? Take a look at the DIR Cubex Trolley Cart!Fitting all your tools and necessities couldn't be any easier with Dir's latest roller Trolley Cart Cubex,...

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