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June 13, 2024
Beat the Winter Blues with BCL Spa's Tropical Mojito + Mint Sugar Scrub!

Escape the chill and infuse warmth into your winter routine with our BCL Spa Pedicure Tropical Mojito + Mint Sugar fragrance. Elevate your pedicure experience from mundane to magnificent, bringing...

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Ageless Radiance Awaits: The Super Fine Sugar Face Polish Revelation

Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful-looking skin with the Super Fine Sugar Face Polish from Primal Elements. If you've been searching for the perfect exfoliator, look no further. This skincare...

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Pumpkin Spice and Feet So Nice: The Pedicure You Didn't Know You Needed!

Autumn! The season that paints nature in golden hues, brings in the fragrance of dried leaves, and serves as a gentle reminder of the cozy winter to come. While many...

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Staff Picks: Body Scrubs

Sugar Scrub contains pure sugars to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells and renew the complexion. Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin types, Sugar Scrub leaves skin with a healthy glow....

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Eliminating Ingrowns Post Wax

With spring in the air, the waxing season is about to start at full force! Are you ready for your busy season? You may be fully booked, but you can...

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The Best Body Scrubs

We have recently added an assortment of products to our site, including phenomenal body scrubs! Exfoliating Salt Glows, Sugar Scrubs, Salts and Herbs soothe, soften and renew skin by removing...

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The Waterless Manicure

The nail industry is moving towards waterless services, especially now! Waterless treatments are considered more sanitary, cutting the risk of cross-contamination because water can harbor germs.Water is soothing and has...

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Sugar is Sweeter

Sugar Scrub vs. Salt Scrub, which is best?Sugar and Salt Scrubs both have many benefits. They are both effective in exfoliating the skin, leaving glowing and soft skin. Sugar granules...

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Cranberry Skincare

Cranberries are packed with skincare nutrients and a secret weapon when it comes to your skin!Top Benefits Antioxidant Protecion- They are essential to protect against free radicals and anti-aging! It...

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