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April 23, 2024
Yea - We Got Disposables!

Use it and chuck it! In the current climate of today, everyone is trying to be extra safe and sanitary. So why not bulk up on your disposable bras! The...

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We've Got What You Need... Disposable Pedicure Kits are Hot!

It's the ProMaster Disposable Pedicure Kit - Sanitary & Ready To Use - Case of 200 Kits! Especially in the world of Covid having something disposable and sanitary rules! I...

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Earthlite to the Rescue!

Earthlite makes great products, we all know that! Last week we sold a ton of the Earthlite Fitted Disposable Headrest Cover / 50 Count. Want to keep your clients safe...

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Why You Need a Hot Towel Steamer!

Towel Steamers are becoming increasingly popular, and are very effective for large businesses! Towel Warmers require damp towels, while Towel Steamers use dry towels. Why is this better?There is no...

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When We Need Them Most...Disposable Mini Buffing Blocks

More than anything in the world, I want to be able to suggest things that are not Coronavirus-related when I am talking with my clients. But we aren't there

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We Have Hand Sanitizer!

The warehouse shipped out a ton of Hand Sanitizer last week. It's great for sanitary purposes. I hope everyone is staying safe!... why? I have no idea... I'm just a...

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Let's Get Clean!

We sell dozens of Gigi products every day, however, last week Sure Clean by Gigi was the winner! Want to get rid of wax - use Sure Clean. Want to...

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Keep it Clean With Disposable Plastic Liners!

How do you keep your pedicure bowls clean? With disposable plastic liners of course! We sold a lot last week which makes me happy because I am obsessed with cleanliness...

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Quick Pedi!

Looking for a sanitary, no mess, easy clean up pedicure kit? Of course you are! We sold a bunch of the Promaster Disposable Pedicure Kits last week and for good...

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