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April 12, 2024
Level Up Your Massage Experience With Massage FX Cream!

Paraben and preservative free, Massage FX Cream is specifically formulated to provide maximum workability and glide without leaving an oily or sticky residue on the skin. Rich in vitamins and...

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Calling All Travelling Massage Therapists!

If you're a travelling massage therapist then you understand how important consolidating your supplies and not breaking your own back moving your supplies! Loading and unloading even a portable massage...

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The Top Prenatal Table for Moms to Be!

If prenatal massage is a part of your practice, this table option is a must for you! Now it's finally possible for the mother-to-be to relax comfortably in a face-down...

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Staff Picks: Portable Tables!

Often the word "portable" is associated with a lower quality. When it comes to Portable Massage Tables, that's not the case at all! We have a selection of incredibly high-quality...

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Top 3 Massage Lotions

Massage lotions are made with rich texture lotions for generous glide, lasting workability, and a non-greasy finish. Many massage therapists have preferences, but if you're wanting a change, take a...

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The Top Selling Table Warmer

Check out our best-selling table warmer right now. It's the Professional Table Warmer by Earhtlite. Earthlite is the #1 Massage brand, so they know a thing or two about client...

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Massage Must Have: Bolsters!

Bolsters help clients get comfortable and relax so you can give a better treatment. Bolsters are used to support clients, provide comfort, and aid the therapist by giving them access...

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Looking for a Portable Table?

Are you looking for a portable table that won't break the bank? We have options for you! No matter what you offer, the need for mobile services has increased. With...

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My Aching Back

Help clients relieve aches and joint pains with professional products that really work! We have a huge assortment of retail items to help relieve pain between services. Take a look...

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