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July 18, 2024
Tips To Selling Salon Retail

Salon studios are so popular right now. If you have a solo business, you've likely been closed for several months and have some serious making up to do. due to...

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Turning Back Time with Serum - Offer Your Clients Great Retail!

Lift, tighten, and firm - these aren’t results of only a workout, but also of a phenomenal serum.Try Alchimie Forever’s Age-Defying Serums.They are clinically proven to have an immediate lifting...

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A BrowGal Is A Happy Gal!

Looking for ways to revamp your brow waxing service?Try The BrowGal's products to help enhance the final look! Add detail to brows with The BrowGal Convertible Powder Pomade Duo. This...

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Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe Its Dry Shampoo!

One of the most popular retail hair products today is Dry Shampoo. Your clients are all using it - why not be the one who sells it to them??Modernize your...

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Summer is Almost Here!

Summer is fast approaching, creating good skin care habits early are essential to maintaining healthy skin. Educating your clients to Use sunscreen daily no matter the weather outside is an...

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2018 Holiday Retail Favorites - Stock Up Now!

Tis the season for holiday retail! This time of year, most clients are in giving moods! Why not capitalize on those moods with some great point-of-purchase items to offer them?Some...

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We've Found the BEST Nail & Cuticle Conditioner!

Deliver flexibility, toughness, and shine to the nail and rich moisture to the skin with Dadi Oil. Bio-similar certified organic oils blend together with natural vitamin E (from sunflower seeds!)...

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Simple and Effective Retail for the Holiday Season

Looking for the HOT retail item of the season? Want to sell your clients the perfect item to make them think of you and your business daily? Look no further...

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Mindful Self-Care: One of the Secrets to a Natural Glow

Natural Beauty, Wellness and Self-Care are very important, trending topics these days, and we now have a beautiful item to add to your retail selections to help you encourage your...

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