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April 13, 2024
Tips To Selling Salon Retail

Salon studios are so popular right now. If you have a solo business, you've likely been closed for several months and have some serious making up to do. due to...

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Easy Winter Retail

Winter can be long, cold, and pretty dreary. Help soothe the winter blues with some targetted "Point of Purchase Displays." By placing these goodies on your counter, your clients won't...

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Little Retail Your Clients Will Love!

I don't know where you are located, but here in NY, the pollen has been AWFUL. Everyone is coughing and gasping for breath - even people who don't normally suffer...

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Retail Must Have

It doesn't matter who your client is, winter effects us all!Pro Tip: Keep these bad boys right on your counter! They are truly a no brainer purchase.New England/Earthline - Sisal...

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Retail: Stocking Stuffers

Have you prepared for the holiday season yet? If not, it is time! Lately, I have gotten a lot of requests for great items for stocking stuffers. I adore all...

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My Fall Retail Picks!

With the changing of the seasons, comes the change of business. What are you looking to change?We have added so many amazing brands and products lately, and I have been...

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Anti Aging Hand Treatments

The hands are often ignored in the anti-aging process. When hands are not cared for, it is a dead giveaway of age. It is not too late to reverse this!...

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Body Contouring made simple!

Looking for a new retail idea? Look no further. You've seen waist trainers trending, and now we have at home solutions for the legs and butt! This is a top...

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A Retail Must Have

I hate when a massage therapy session ends. The bed is always luxurious, cozy, and warm. How many times has a client's commented on the sheets or blankets? Did you...

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