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April 18, 2024
Turning Back Time with Serum - Offer Your Clients Great Retail!

Lift, tighten, and firm - these aren’t results of only a workout, but also of a phenomenal serum.Try Alchimie Forever’s Age-Defying Serums.They are clinically proven to have an immediate lifting...

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Bacteria Has Benefits

Probiotics...What are probiotics?Your skin hosts an environment of friendly bacteria – they’re called probiotics. Their job is to fight free radical damage and irritation that can cause a number of...

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Super Hand Serum

Handprint Hand Serum by SpaRitual is a must have to add some added luxury to your manicures! SpaRitual is ideal for your high-end spa. The brand focuses on mind, body,...

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Boost Your Client's Skin Care Routine!

Your clients will thank you for offering them this state of the art treatment!Stem Cell Boost Serum. A powerful formulation of Peptides and fruit derived Stem Cells deliver anti-aging, collagen...

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Satin Smooth Facial Care - Big Business for a Big Name

Everyone in the beauty industry has heard of Satin Smooth wax, but in recent years, Satin Smooth has been branching out - into skin care! Our clients have had amazing...

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Amber Steps To Brighten Up Facials!

Amber Products has come out with new products that will aid in the attempt to make your clients skin more lively and younger looking with their anti-aging and brightening serums...

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