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April 17, 2024
Waxing With Muslin Just Got Even Easier!

Designed to optimize hair removal while giving ease and comfort to the technician, Satin Smooth EZ Grip Muslin Strips are contoured making it faster and easier for everyone!Ergonomically designed to...

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Satin Smooth: Waxing AND Skincare

I love Satin Smooth! They have it all from esthetic tools to wax, to facial equipment! If you're looking for a reliable brand, look no further.While they have a huge...

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Calendula for Sensitive Skin!

Sensitive skin is common among those of all ages, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about your client's skin and the ingredients in the products you're using!Calendula is effective in...

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More Sheet Masks Please!

Professional Sheet Masks are a no-brainer for any business! Whether your clients are picking one up for themself or purchasing it as a gift, they will be sold. If you're...

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Hooked on Honey!

Honey wax is amongst our most popular and is often the first wax that's used in school. Some professionals like to go a different way, while many like to stay...

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Retail for Treating Hyperpigmentation

Do you have clients plague with hyperpigmentation or acne scars? You can help your clients improve their skin and get results between services. Pigment Lightening Serum by Alchimie Forever Purpose...

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Which Sheet Masks Are Good For Aging Skin?

Sheet masks are a simple and effective way to boost your retail sales! Let's face it, who doesn't love sitting on their couch with a face mask and their favorite...

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Which Sheet Masks Are Good for Acne?

I am seeing more services catering towards acne, while people suffer from "maskne." This is a term used to describe breakouts from wearing masks all day, as we navigate this...

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Satin Smooth: Sheet Mask Collection

These masks by Satin Smooth, a luxury skincare innovator, has introduced the Ultimate Premium Quality Sheet Mask Collection with six customized, serum-drenched facial masks!Details: Contains 24 masks in perforated display...

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