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June 19, 2024
Is Mancine Cruelty Free?

In the world of beauty, where ethics and effectiveness converge, one question reigns supreme: Is Mancine cruelty-free? For those in pursuit of pristine beauty without compromise, the answer is a...

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The Importance of Post-Wax Treatments: Achieve Glowing Skin with ItalWax

Using a high-quality post-wax product is an important step in delivering professional, high-quality waxing services and promoting healthy, glowing skin for your clients. Finishing every service with your choice of...

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New Wax Alert! Dermwax Pearl Creamy White Metallic Titanium Soft Wax

If you are doing male waxing, speed waxing, or waxing large areas, soft wax is much more affordable, and this new DermwaxWhite Nacre Creamy Wax is fantastic for almost any...

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Which Wax is Right for You? We Are Happy to Help You Figure It Out!

Since I started working here at Pure Spa Direct14 years ago, I have tried A LOT of waxes. We test waxes all the time - wax is a very popular...

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A Few of our Favorite Strip Waxes

Strip wax has become increasingly popular amongst waxers. Strip wax provides a speedy application with an extra-strong grip, no sticky residue, and no skin drag. It is applied by spreading...

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For Sensitive Skin

Azurelene Roll On Strip Wax by Mancine is ideal for speed waxing and sensitive skin. Roll-on wax means no drips and no mess! Perfect for busy salons with a penchant...

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Hooked on Honey!

Honey wax is amongst our most popular and is often the first wax that's used in school. Some professionals like to go a different way, while many like to stay...

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Top Waxes For Sensitive Skin

Having a wax for all skin types, or having a specialty wax for sensitive clients is so important. An adverse reaction can make an angry client. Luckily, we are here...

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Eliminating Ingrowns Post Wax

With spring in the air, the waxing season is about to start at full force! Are you ready for your busy season? You may be fully booked, but you can...

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