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June 14, 2024
Do You Even Cup, Bro?

Cupping therapy is a trend that is growing increasingly popular! I have seen anybody from professional athletes and celebrities to my own family members reaping the benefits!Cupping is an ancient...

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The Crystal Craze and why you should join

The crystal craze is growing nationwide. Gemstones and minerals have been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine. Different stones are said to have different healing properties based on...

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Cupping Therapy

If you're considering adding another alternative treatment to your business, the ancient art of Cupping Therapy is one that has been gaining popularity and recognition within the past year or...

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Bring More Balance to your Practice with Chakra Products!

Do you want to offer a more enlightening experience to your clients?Why not add on the healing power of chakra balance to your next massage or facial treatment?Balancing one's chakra...

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Bottoms Up! Spas Helping Clients Put Their Best Butt...Forward?

Help your clients prepare for summer by offering"Tush Treatments" - like a facial, but for the other end! Recently, I was reading an article in Dermascope magazine called Fanny Facials,...

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Provide More Than Relaxation for Your Clients - Help Cleanse Their Energies with Sound Therapy

In recent years, spas have been embracing and expanding their holistic approach to include more treatments that focus not only on the physical body, but on the body's energy as...

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