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July 16, 2024
Miss Webril - Sounds Like a Librarian!

Just kidding! It's a cotton band! MISS WEBRIL 100% Cotton Bands / 15' x 1 1/4" / 6 Rolls - was a super hot item last week! We were selling...

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Need Disposable Headbands?

I know my last blog was about disposables so I promise my next one won't be! However, if products are HOT I feel compelled to let my readers know! Non-Woven...

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This is Essential!

The Essential Cotton Band by Intrinsics that is! These bands are 100% cotton, ultra thick and super absorbent. Perhaps that is why they were so popular last week. I hope...

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Cotton - What a Great Invention!

Miss Webril for the win! We sell a ton of cotton products every day at the Pure Spa Direct warehouse, but last week Miss Webril Cotton Bands took Gold! These...

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Getting the Band Back Together!

My friends and I always say that when we have the time to all get together! Anyway, these Webril Cotton Bands were the talk of the town last week. The...

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Headbands - so many uses, so many styles. So why is everyone buying these ones? If you've read any of my previous blogs you would know that I'm just a...

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