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April 13, 2024
Are Your Mask Brushes Ready For The Holidays? Stock up and Save Now!

Now that the Thanksgiving rush is over and the upcoming end of the year holidays are quickly approaching, how do your mask brushes look? With all of the hustle and...

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Is Dry Brushing on The Menu?

Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate, improve circulation, combat cellulite, and more! Lately, I have seen our sales for body brushes increase and if you aren't offering this...

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Slimming and Smoothing the Body: Retail Edition!

I'm not the only person who stress eats, right? I know I'm not the only person overindulging in comfort foods this year. We have some awesome retail products to help...

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Holiday Gifts: Waxing Edition!

As someone who regularly gets waxed, I know how intimate of a relationship a waxer has with their client. Want to give your clients a holiday gift to let them...

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Waxing: Down There Care!

Hey, waxers! I am hearing that Brazilians are the top waxing service provided. How are you educating your clients about preparing for their waxing services?I hear from professionals who are...

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The Body Peel Treatment

Lately, I have been talking about body treatments with tons of clients! It looks like everyone is looking for something new and fresh to add to their menu.What's my pick?PourElle...

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Staff Picks: Retail for Fall

What's hot for retail for the fall? Luckily, we are always testing out new products and are here to help!Take a look at some new staff favorites for the new...

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Retail Must Have

It doesn't matter who your client is, winter effects us all!Pro Tip: Keep these bad boys right on your counter! They are truly a no brainer purchase.New England/Earthline - Sisal...

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All Washed Up

I am loving all the new body washes we have been adding! They make a great addition to your retail section.Mancine Body Wash is a sulfate-free and enriched with essential...

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