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June 16, 2024
Barbicide IN STOCK: Top Salon and Spa Disinfectant

The #1 thing we are hearing now that many clients are back to work is just how fast they are going through their disinfectants. While wipes are very convenient, they...

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Looking Forward - Be Prepared to Reopen Your Business!

Are you preparing your business to reopen after your local COVID19 restrictions are lifted? We have everything you need to make sure your staff and your clients are protected and...

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Looking for Hospital Grade Disinfectants?

It has been a wild week for everyone I am sure! We shipped A LOT of Citrus-Cide Hospital Grade Disinfectant last week - both the gallons and the 32 oz....

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Let's Dance!

Let's Dance and then disinfect! We sold a lot of this particular disinfectant last week and for good measure. I'm glad everyone is keeping their workstations, countertops, and treatment rooms...

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Environmentally-Friendly Yoga Mat Cleaner Perfect for Yoga and Wellness Studios!

Someone walking on your mat to grab a yoga block..? No big deal if you clean your mat after!Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers, & Fitness Centers - check this out! Cuccio...

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Upgrade your Sterilizer Today!

Just added, a new sterilizer option!I am loving the look of this unit. For a great price, you can upgrade your unit!Advantages of Using a Dry Heat Sterilizer include: Metal...

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Keep it Clean!

If you are going to a spa or salon you expect it to be squeaky clean. Introducing Barbicide Disinfecting wipes! Not only will all your surfaces be clean, they will...

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Flu And You!

The last few weeks, the majority of people I've spoken with have all had the flu. It's widespread and hitting hard.Is your business ready to help protect staff and clients?...

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And The Winner Last Week Was...

Barbicide!!! I don't think we've ever shipped more 64 oz. Barbicide Disinfectants last week than I have in my whole time here at Pure Spa Direct! That's good though -...

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