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July 22, 2024
The Sudden Stardom of Last Week's Hottest Product!

Last week, the Divine Glow Relaxation Therapy Self-Heating Face Mask was hotter than a jalapeño at a chili-eating contest. People were practically knocking down doors to get their hands on...

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The Must Have Mask!

Last week, the Divine Glow Relaxation Therapy Self-Heating Face Mask from Pure Spa Direct became the talk of the town. Its promise of ultimate relaxation and a radiant complexion had...

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The Right Washcloth Makes All the Difference!

Last week, the our clients went into a frenzy over a seemingly mundane product: the Sposh Treatment Room Terry Washcloth. People were scrambling to get their hands on this luxurious...

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Back in Stock! And Ready to Ship!

Yes - that is correct!! The Deluxe Face And Body Brush Set / 8 Brushes by FANTASEA is back folks! I can see why these are so popular as it...

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Oh Sheet! Check out this mask!

Are you looking for a great sheet mask?! This shipping guy has got you! We sold these by the dozens last week - Dry Collagen - Full Face Sheet Mask...

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Who's Behind the Mask?

Does that ever happen to you? Someone knows you, but you can't really tell who it is because his/her mask is covering half their face! Well not anymore folks! We...

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Facial Caps - It's Like a Mask for Your Head!

Although it was a short week here at the Pure Spa Direct warehouse we still sold a ton of Intrinsics Facial Caps. I like these because they are super light...

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Cool Face Mask!

Face Masks are the new rage these days! Who would have thought?! But it's better to be safe then sorry, so check out these black face masks. I like them...

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Who Doesn't Love Cucumbers?

Whenever I think of Cucumber Masks I always picture those old ladies in the movies with cucumbers on their eyes and green paint on their face! Well, times they are...

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