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June 13, 2024
The Moment of Truth: Skin Analysis

Skin goals... we all have them! Whoever your client is, and no matter what brought them to you, you want to ensure they are happy with their results... right?How are...

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Luxurious Spa Experience!!!

Imagine booking a luxurious spa day for yourself, and when you arrived there, you are welcomed with a hot cup of tea and a nice warm neck wrap. Odds are,...

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Kozi™ Herbal Neck Wraps are Awesome!

Kozi™ Herbal Neck Wraps are awesome. They are not a new product for Pure Spa, but they have always been very popular and the other day I had the pleasure...

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Essential Paraffin Accesories

Cooling temperatures means that it is time to break out your paraffin unit, stock up on Eco-Fin and make sure you have plenty of liners for daily services. It is...

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