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July 21, 2024
Glow Gala: Dive into Radiance with HydraEssence Jelly Magic

Unveil the secret to radiant, hydrated skin with the HydraEssence Hyaluronic Acid Jelly Mask – a spa sensation designed for ultimate skin rejuvenation! Crafted by Jeluxe Masks, this 23 oz....

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Glow Up, Buttercup! Discover Sunna's Secret to Sun-Kissed Skin!

Who doesn't love that sun-kissed, radiant glow all year round? We've got the secret to achieving that beautifully bronzed complexion without the harmful effects of UV rays. Say hello to...

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Dry Skin Be Gone: How These Key Ingredients Can Help Alleviate Moisture Loss

After the record-breaking cold across much of the US last week, I wanted to discuss a winter problem Iam sure many of your clients are currently dealing with - retail...

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Bye Bye Blemish - Microneedling Blemish Patches!

Looking for a unique and effective retail item to compliment your facial services? Bye Bye Blemish - Microneedling Blemish Patches are just the thing!These easy to use patches provides more...

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Sunless Tanning - MineTan Wonder Tan Pro Mist - Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamins A, B3, C & E - Anti-Inflamatory Skin Rejuvenating Treatment - 1 Hour Express

This Luxe Dark Sunless Tanning Treatment suits all skin types and tones for those wanting a deeply hydrating, glowing dark skin finish. Our fast tanning actives begin to work immediately...

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I Love Gold!!

This item was a big hit last week - Professional 24k Gold Collagen Gel Facial Masks with Hyaluronic Acid for Tightening, Brightening, Anti Aging, Firming and Hydrating / Pack of...

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The Best Mask for Dry Skin!

Have you ever used a freeze-dry collagen mask? Regular use of Collagen Fiber Masks helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, calm and soothe irritation, restore skin vitality, and leave the...

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Mask Spotlight: Pure Collagen Fiber Mask

Collagen Fiber Masks are manufactured with pure, native collagen fibers with a high degree of microbiological, physical, and chemical stability.Pure Collagen Fiber Mask is a freeze-dried Collagen mask infused with...

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Mask Spotlight: Hyaluronic Acid for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is becoming increasingly common to people of all ages. Hyaluronic Acid is known for its calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and moisture-locking properties, making them effective in treating sensitive skin.The...

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