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July 24, 2024
Latex vs Nitrile vs Vinyl Gloves

Disposable gloves are generally classified into three types: latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Each material has unique properties that make it best suited for specific tasks. Next, we'll go over each...

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Valentine's Day Revenue Booster

Valentine's Day is always a huge day in the beauty industry. Whether a client is getting their hair and makeup done or a special day out, our taking their Valentine...

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MUA Must Haves

We are here to make your life easier. Whether you are traveling, working in a space, or have your own business, staying organized is so important! Need some help staying...

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Glam and Convenient for Mobile Techs

I speak to so many mobile technicians! We are always looking for items to make your life easier. For mobile technicians, it is so important to have everything you need,...

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Mobile Makeup, Botox Parties, and More!

Mobile services are trending everywhere! Whether you are always mobile, do the occasional traveling for clients, or work on the side... you need this chair!The Elissa Portable Facial Chair This...

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Be Prepared for Those Holiday Makeovers!

What is your most popular service during the holidays? Many of our clients see increased makeup and lash services at this time of year, so why not stock up on...

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Spring Cleaning!

We just got this new item and I am excited to share it with you - check out this Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad!This is a makeup brush cleansing pad in...

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Florals Are Trending!

Flower prints and flowers shapes will always be trending! They are a classic print. If you're looking for new floral prints to incorporate into your spa, we have a few...

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Perfect Little Retail Item for Flawless Makeup

Are you looking for the perfect retail item to display near your cash register? Look no further than our new Makeup Blending Sponges! Available in a number of different sizes,...

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