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July 16, 2024
Balms Away

Alchimie Forever's Dry Skin Balm is a must-have retail product for tough winter skin!Ideal for hands, elbows, knees, feet, and other areas that need an extra dose of moisture and...

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If I Could Turn Back Time...

If I could turn back time... Oh, wait, I can, with Microcurrent!Microcurrent is a popular treatment and is known as a "non-surgical face lift!" It's become one of the most...

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Getting the Best Shot!

Ring lights are the ideal tool for a professional photo finish. Amazing for Before & After's, Live Streaming, and perfect for product pictures too! Showcase your talent using the removable...

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First Impressions in a Small Space

Reception Desks or Counters are very important when it comes to your business. First impressions are important, and this is the first place a new client will see. If you...

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The New and Improved Mini Skin Scrubber by Meishida!

Meishida is our best-selling budget-friendly line! They have just updated their Mini Skin Scrubber, and it is simply perfect.Meishida Portable Mini Skin ScrubberIt is an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber that is...

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The Quadra Magnifying Lamp by Daylight!

The Quadra is part of the Daylight Company's range of magnifying lamps. It has an extra-wide rectangular glass lens with 3 diopter (1.75X) magnification providing a superb panoramic view!High power...

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New CND! The Colors of You!

We just added the new CND line for spring 2021! Introducing The Colors of You, CND's new Spring collection that presents a collection of colors that celebrates and promotes positivity...

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