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July 18, 2024
Add a Little Spice to Your Polish Rack with Color Club!

Are you tired of the same old nail polish colors? Everyone loves the classics by the big companies, but are you looking for something a little different for your salon?Look...

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Your Gel Polish services can now be even more profitable!

Universal Top Coat - high-gloss shine, durable formula, for a fraction of the cost! Star Nail's Eco-Systems Universal Top Coat just made your Gel Polish services even more profitable!The entire...

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Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake Your Polish at 5,000 Shakes per Minute!

It is a problem every nail salon on earth faces... thick polishes. Shaking them by hand does work, but it is a pain to do and can even be a...

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Extra Sparkle / Less Effort: The Northern Lights Glitter Hologram Top Coat!

Are your customers looking to add some sparkle to their nails, but unwilling to commit to an actual glitter polish? A client of mine recently introduced me to one of...

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