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April 17, 2024
Add A Relaxing Touch To Your Massage Treatments!

Only the finest 100% pure, cold-pressed oils of almond, grapeseed, and sunflower are used in our luxurious plant therapy massage oils. Vitamin E and essential plant oils provide maximum therapeutic...

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Smells Like Teen Spirit!

No - not that Nirvana! ItalWax Nirvana is here! Lavender and Sandalwood are the two scents and both are just as popular. I didn't think ItalWax could get better but...

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Calling All Waxing Professionals!

ItalWax is a great brand of wax that sells everyday, however, last week the ItalWax Pre Wax Treatment Sandalwood Oil was a huge success! Hey, if getting waxed is possible...

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Essential oil Sptlight- Sandalwood

Essential Oils have been used for years. More recently essential oils are used for wellness, relaxation, skin care, and much more!Whether you are a business owner, an esthetician, or a...

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Did You Know Your Skin Can Smell Sandalwood?

I love sandalwood...lotion, oils, candles-I love it all! I was excited to see an article this week on the correlation between sandalwood and skin regeneration.In a nutshell, researchers discovered that...

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Decorative Fragrance Diffusers for Spas and Salons

These new Deluxe Fragrance Oil Diffusers will add great Zen appeal to any space in your spa. Includes a tea light candle and 10ml Sandalwood fragrance oil. The candle warms...

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What do Aromatherapy, Positive Affirmations, and Retail Sales Have in Common?

What do Aromatherapy, Positive Affirmations, and Retail Sales Have in Common? ESS Aromatherapeutic Roll-On's! Read on... I'll get to it! ESS has added portable essential oil roll-ons that offer aromatherapeutic...

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